Baby Tracker and Record Notebook for Girls

My husband and I can't wait to welcome our first daughter into the world.  While we're waiting for her to arrive, I decided to create a notebook full of printables, worksheets, and checklists to help us stay organized during the first year of her life.  Some, I created myself.  Others, I modified to make them easier to use than the original versions.  I’ve also compiled a list of links that will lead you directly to even more easy-to-print pages and resources.  I created this notebook to use for my own baby girl, but don't worry- I'm working on the boy version! 

I decided to use dividers to organize my notebook into four main sections: Routines, Medical, Babysitting, and Additional Information.  The table of contents will show you which documents I decided to include in each section of my own notebook.  However, I want you to be able to use these resources to create a notebook that works for YOU.  Feel free to pick and choose what you think will be the most helpful.  Enjoy!

Download the entire document by clicking HERE

Or, individualize your notebook to fit your own needs by downloading the individual pages and worksheets below.  (Just click on each picture.) 

Title page: 
Introduction: Basically tells how I decided to organize my notebook- but feel free to use the documents I've created to make something that will work for you!
Table of Contents: Again, just the documents I decided to include in my notebook. 
Daily Tracker: I modified the tracker sheet found here to make it a little bit easier to use- just grab a new sheet each day.  Whether your doctor has asked you to keep track of feedings/diapers, or whether you just want a record to help yourself recognize patterns, I hope that this sheet will be a quick way to jot down events as they happen. 
Schedule Planner: A planning sheet for when you're ready to start trying to develop a schedule for your baby.  I printed several of these out, since I know that I'll need to revise this one many times as my baby grows and goes through changes. 

Update: Click HERE to check out my revised daily tracker page for older babies. 

Routine Planner: Use this page to brainstorm activities and events that you'd like to include in each of your baby's daily routines. 
Food Tracker: When your baby starts trying new foods, this is an easy way to quickly record her reactions, including how well she likes each food, and any allergic reactions that you might notice. 
Weight Chart: This is a place for you to periodically record and track your baby's weight.  The original graph is from the CDC, and can be found here

Milestone Chart: This chart contains milestones that babies are likely to meet by 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year.  Check off each item and bring it with you to your doctor's appointments so that you can discuss any concerns. 
Doctor's Notes: This is a spot for you to jot down any questions or concerns that you want to remember to discuss with your baby's pediatrician. 
BabySitter Info: Fill out this page with instructions and leave it with your babysitter.  
Thoughts & Notes: A spot for you to write down any additional thoughts or notes about your baby. :) 

Here are some additional resources that I found on and printed to included in my notebook.  Click on each picture to visit the original website and download each document.

Emergency Info: Great to leave with a babysitter or hang on your refrigerator. 
 Food Tracker: A basic guide to which foods to introduce when. 
 Sleep Tracker: This is an easy-to-use way to keep track of your baby's sleep patterns over a 2-week long period. 
 Teething Chart: This is an easy-to-read guide with approximate dates when each tooth is likely to come in.  There is also space to record when each tooth came in for your baby. 
 Travel Checklist: Traveling?  Here is a checklist so you won't forget any essential baby supplies. 
 Vaccine Tracker: Which vaccines should be given when?  Here's a general guideline, based on recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Here's one more 12-page document that I added from the American Red Cross's Website, for easy reference:

Pediatric Frist Aid/CRP/AED Ready Reference: I also have a magnet on my refrigerator with the poison control phone number and infant CPR guidelines, but I figured it couldn't hurt to have these easy-to-follow instructions nearby as well. 

Anything I forgot?  Feel free to let me know.  I hope that you find these documents and checklists helpful!  Stay tuned for the boy's version, and happy organizing! 

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