Revised Infant Daily Tracker

A while ago, I posted a set of printable documents for making a baby tracker & record notebook.  (Click HERE to check out that post.)  Here are some of the documents that were included:  

One of the pages I included in my notebook was a daily tracker worksheet.  I used this page for a few weeks after my daughter was born to track when she ate, slept, cried, and how many dirty/wet diapers she had.  (Click HERE to download this original daily tracker page.)

When Emma was first born, this page was super-handy.  In the hospital, the nurses wanted us to keep track of this information, so it was nice to have an easy place to jot it down.  It was also nice during the first few check-ups when the doctors asked things like, "How often and how long does she eat?" and "How many wet and dirty diapers does she have each day?" 

As my baby got a little bit older though, I found that I didn't need to make myself crazy by writing down the exact time of every diaper change- but there were still a few things I did want to keep track of, like what time she was eating, how long she was going between feedings, and how long she was sleeping at night.  So I made a revised daily tracking page, and it's been working out really well for me so far: 

 For this page, I put a spot at the bottom where you can check off wet/dirty diapers as you change them throughout the day.  I usually don't do this, but have found that it comes in very handy if your baby is sick, and you want to make sure that she's staying hydrated. 

You can download a copy of this revised daily tracking page HERE.  I hope it helps make your life a little easier and gives all you new mamas a little more time to spend with your little ones. :)