What to pack in your pumping bag: a free, printable checklist

Welcome to another post in my Perfectly Packed series! Be sure to check out my other posts in the series as well! Please note that posts in this series include affiliate links.  
Perfectly Packed: A Series on packing perfectly organized bags at LaurasPlans.com
A few days ago I shared a post about how to pack the perfect pumping bag. Check it out!
How to pack a perfectly packed breast pump bag for pumping at work at LaurasPlans.com
As promised, today I'm sharing a free printable checklist to help make sure you don't forget anything on your way out the door. Because I know that you mamas are super busy! 

Click here or click on the picture below to download your free printable! 
This post comes with a special shout-out to all my fellow nursing and pumping moms, because I know you work hard for your babies! Keep up the good work, and know that I'm rooting for you, wherever you are. :)  
How to pack a perfectly packed breast pump bag for pumping at work plus a printable checklist at LaurasPlans.com
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  1. This list is super helpful! Great for new moms who are pumping! I mostly nursed, but I still did have to pack a pumping bag occasionally!

    1. I understand! Even if I hadn't worked, I was assigned to jury duty 2 months after Emma was born. I was so glad that I was ready with all my pumping things (and that Emma had learned to drink from a bottle by then.) It's scary, but you never know when something might come up that would keep you from nursing. Being prepared makes me feel a lot better!

  2. for some reason, this cracks me up b/c i went back to teaching after 12 weeks with my first. my room had TONS of windows to the outside and to the school hallway. No blinds. So I would lock my door, go in my 'office' in the corner and hide under the desk to pump. Haha anything pumping-related brings back those memories!!

    1. Oh my goodness! I'm laughing just thinking about you doing that. Just goes to show the lengths we'll go to in order to take care of our babies. :)

  3. You're so smart! Definitely filing this away for future reference (*babycrazysigh*). Hopefully sooner-future rather than later-future. ;P

    Thank you for linking up at Free and Fun Friday!!

    1. Well, thanks for having me! I'll cross my fingers for an adorable little one for you sometime in the sooner-rather-than-later future. :)


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