#1 Best Seller of 2015

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At the end of the year, I get a list of the top-purchased items from 2015. This year something really interesting happened. My readers purchased one item WAY more than anything else.
My number one best seller from 2015- Hop Skip and Go Wet Dry Bags. Perfect for busy moms

Which is cool, because I consider this one item to be a must-have for moms. It's a little embarrassing, so I won't admit how many of these I own myself, but I will say... it's a large number.

OK, enough build-up. The item I'm talking about is the. . . duh duh duh duh....  Skip Hop Grab and Go Wet/Dry bag.
Hop Skip and Go Wet Dry Bags. Perfect for busy moms
These bags are amazing because they have a wet (waterproof) pocket and a separate dry (mesh) pocket. I recommended these bags in two different posts:

A perfectly packed diaper bag
A perfectly packed pumping bag

Here are the top 5 ways I use my wet/dry bags:

1. In the diaper bag: 

Since I use cloth diapers, I keep clean diapers, clean cloth wipes, and a mini spray bottle in the dry pocket. When I change Emma, the dirty diaper goes in the wet section. When we get home, I throw the whole thing in the laundry.

2. In the diaper bag or daycare bag: 

I keep a clean change of clothes in the dry pocket. If there's a need for a change, the dirty clothes go in the wet pocket.

3. In my pumping bag: 

I keep clean bottles and pump parts in the dry pocket. After I use them, the pump parts go in the wet section to carry them home.

4. In the daycare bag: 

I send clean diapers to daycare. The dirty ones come back home in the wet section. These bags hold about 4-5 diapers, which is about how many Emma usually goes through while she's at daycare. The whole thing goes in the laundry at the end of the day.

5. As a diaper bag alternative: 

When I'm going out but I don't want to bring the entire diaper bag with me, I just throw a few essentials in the dry pocket. A diaper, a few wipes, a bib, a pacifier and my own phone and wallet fit perfectly. Anything that ends up dirty goes in the wet pocket.

Your Faves

The best part is that these bags are available in some super adorable colors and patterns. But rather than telling you MY favorites, here are YOUR top 5 favorites (based on the top affiliate sales from my blog in 2015.) I have to say, you guys have excellent taste! Click on each image to visit its Amazon page.

5. MetroStripe
4. Onxy Tile
3. Black/White
2. Chevron
1. And the #1 READER FAVORITE is: Hearts

What do you think of the reader choices? Be sure to let me know in the comments. These bags have made being a busy mama so much easier for me. I hope they'll do the same for you. :)

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