10 classy pregnancy announcement ideas

Most of you already saw my exciting baby news last week... so today I decided to share some of the great baby announcement photo ideas that inspired my own photo announcement. These are all classy and (fairly) simple ideas, so feel free to take one or two of
them and try them out for your own pregnancy announcement. Have fun!
10 classy and creative pregnancy photo announcement ideas. Want to let everyone know you're expecting a baby? Here's some great inspiration for you!
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How fun is this photo? I love how sweet and simple it is. If you like this photo announcement idea, you can make your own onesie, or buy one here and save yourself the trouble.


Katie and Kurtis did a whole pregnancy announcement photo shoot- with some really adorable results. (Think little tiny winter boots in the snow.) This one is my absolute favorite, though. And take a second to read their story, while you're at it. It's a good one. :) 


Ashley and Mike used this photo to announce their pregnancy on Instagram over a year ago. This is probably my favorite version of the shoes + calendar photo announcement idea. I just think it's so elegant and classy. Nice job, guys. 


As Ashley says about this photo shoot, "Pinterest makes projects look one hundred thousand times easier {most of the time} than they actually are, and this balloon photo shoot was no exception." So be sure to check out her post for the details if you're going to try it yourself. These pictures had to have been worth the challenges, though. They turned out to be absolutely gorgeous! 


Holly was brave enough to let her one-year-old play with her own childhood china set for this photo announcement. Kudos to her- I have a little experience with photographing one-year-olds, and they're not always the most willing models. ;) The final photo announcement turned out great!


Isn't this sign adorable? You can make your own or buy a printable version here for your own photo shoot with big brother or sister. 


Ah, more balloons. I just can't get enough. Krupa and Varun also created a little video using these balloons to announce their pregnancy, so be sure to check that out as well! 


I love coat/hat/mitten pictures, and this one is no exception. The onesies and the date tell us everything we need to know. :) I love how well the white onesies contrast with the dark background. Picture-perfect!



It's simple. It's sweet. It includes tiny, little baby shoes: I love it! 


And of course I just had to re-share my own pregnancy announcement from last week! I knew I wanted to feature Emma in our announcement photo. (Let's face it, she's a whole lot cuter than I am!) I also wanted to keep it simple. So I took her out in the backyard and gave her the sonogram pictures to hold. And when she promptly threw them on the ground and ran away, I bribed her with Skittles. ;) After a couple dozen shots, we finally got this winner! 

Well, that's it! Which one is your favorite? Any that you'd be willing to try out yourself? Or do you have another photo idea that turned out phenomenally? Let me know in the comments.

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