Super helpful wedding planning spreadsheets

I created these Excel documents when I was planning my wedding, and just thought I would share them with any future brides out there.  They were an organizational lifesaver for me!

Wedding Guest List Template

Click HERE to download the wedding guest list template.

Use this template to keep track of all invited guests and their addresses.  The sheet will add up all of your totals for you.

I love this template because you can also use it to keep track of RSVPs, create a wedding shower or rehearsal dinner guest list, and any other sublist you may need to keep track of.  It's as easy as changing the category names.  Just click on the totals tab for an easy overview.

Wedding Budget Template

Click HERE to download the wedding budget template. 

Start with the estimator tab.  Identify your spending range by filling in the low budget and the high budget boxes.  Then adjust the percentages that you would like to spend on each category.  (Suggestions are given.)

Now move over the the budget tab.  Your spending goals for each general category will appear, and if you want to get more detailed, you can set goals for specific items.  Otherwise, just record expenses as you have them, and the sheet will add everything up for you to help you stay on track.  It's also easy to add or delete items as needed.

I know these templates both helped me a lot when I was planning my wedding.  I hope you find them just as useful!  Let me know how it's going.  Happy planning!

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