Mason Jar Pencil Cups

Are you ready for spring yet?  I know I am.  So today I decided to share with you a cute way to use mason jars as pen/pencil storage.  This doubles as a great way to add a pop of color to your office space.

These are ridiculously easy to make.  Here's what I did:

1. Wrap a ribbon around a glass mason jar.  Attach in the front using a hot glue gun.

2. Layer a second ribbon on top of the first.  Again, attach in the front using hot glue. 

3. Cut the head off an artificial Gerber daisy.  (I bought a bunch at my local craft store.)

4. Use hot glue to attach the daisy to the front of the mason jar. (Cover up the spot where the ribbon overlapped.)

5. Fill with pencils/pens/markers.  

That's it!  I love displaying these jars on my desk.  They make me smile every time I reach for a pencil. 

If you decide to make some pencil jars, let me know how they turn out.   

Happy crafting!  

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