Get organized with a weekly to do list

UPDATE: 2021 Planner and calendar pages available here. :) 

I heard somewhere that successful people don't have to do lists. Instead, they schedule their "to dos" on specific days of their calendars. When those days come- they get it done!

That idea has stuck with me. I like it. But
I'm also a busy mom, so let's be realistic. Some things just won't get done when they're planned. And I'm OK with that.

So for all of you busy (and realistic) people out there who want to be more organized, I'm going to share with you my secret weapon: a weekly to do list. Think of it like a calendar/to do list hybrid.

At the beginning of each week, (or even at the end of each day) I put some thought into my top priorities for the next day. I pick between 1 and 3 things that I would most like to finish, and try my best to make sure that those things get done.

The would like to do section is for me to write down everything else. Maybe I'll get to it. Maybe I'll spend nap time cuddling a sick baby. Both good options. :)

I also added a 10-minute project section. Some things sit on my to do list for weeks, even though they would only take me a few minutes if I could actually get down to it. Listing those things in a separate section makes it easy to knock them out quickly when I have just a few minutes of spare time. And then I get to check something off my list, which- let's be honest- feels pretty good!

Oh- and I have something else for you guys! I created some matching printable monthly calendar pages, for organizing the big picture. :)

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