Easy Excel Address Book Template

I don't use an actual address "book."  What's the point?  People change their addresses all the time.  Instead, I have an excel spreadsheet saved on my desktop, titled, "address book."  It's really easy to change an address when someone moves, or to add more people whenever you want to.  It looks like this:

I have separate categories that fall under Her (that's me) Him (my husband) and Together for people that we've met together since being married.  I find that it keeps us more organized to have separate categories for his family and my family, his childhood friends and my childhood friends, etc. 

I also use my address book to keep track of things like party invitations and Christmas card mailings.  This template contains columns for 2014, 2015 and 2016.  I just go down all of my addresses and add a 1 next to every person that I want to send a Christmas card to (or invite to a party, etc.) 

At the bottom, you'll see a total, so that you know how many guests to expect, or how many cards you'll need.  The bonus is that every name and address is right there on the same document.  

Happy organizing!


Note: You will need to click to make a copy of this file in your own Google Drive. 

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