Summer Wedding Pocket Invitations

I LOVE to make invitations.  Today I thought I'd share the invitations that I made for my wedding a few summers ago.  I love the idea of pocket invitations for weddings because there is often a lot of information to include, and the pocket helps to keep all those pieces of paper organized.

Since I love bright colors I used red, pink, orange, yellow, blue and green when I made these invitations.  You could always stick with just two or three colors, though!

To make the invitations, first I BOUGHT:

  • The actual basic invitation with the pocket (blue)
  • Large square outer envelopes (pink)
  • Small RSVP envelopes (red)
  • Lots of stamps, colored card stock, and double-sided tape!


  • My return address on the large outer envelopes
  • The orange paper with the basic wedding information: date, time, etc: 
  • The pink insert with directions to the ceremony and the reception
  • The orange insert with details about the reception 
  • The orange insert with details about the reception
  • The green insert, which was the RSVP card: guests returned in the envelope with a meal choice
  • Behind all of these inserts, I stuck a stamped RSVP envelope 

Here's a picture of all those inserts, pulled out:
All that was left was to address the envelopes and send them off! 

Oh yeah, and I couldn't decide on which colors I wanted to use, so I made some of the invitations using this color scheme instead: 

I hope this post was able to give you some fun ideas.  Happy creating! 

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