Mix it up with printable kitchen wall art

Do you ever see something amazing on Pinterest, pin it, and promptly forget all about it? I know I do. That's why I'm so excited to share the printable wall art I finally got around to actually putting up in our kitchen! And you know what? It took less than an hour to put up- start to finish. I should have done this ages ago.
Aren't they fun? Now that they're up, I just can't get enough of them. Here's how you can do it too: 

1. Download the printables. 

Leslie, over at The Jacobs Clan created these gems, and I found them (via Pinterest) at her etsy shop. She has tons of cute designs to choose from. I fell in love with these, and printed them on card stock. 
2. Wait for 1-2 years. Develop your career. Buy a house. Have a baby. 

Just kidding! I wouldn't recommend doing this exactly the same way I did. :) 

3. Frames

I bought some super-flat frames at IKEA. You'll see why they had to be flat when you see where I chose to hang them. I used 8x10s, but you can print these out in a variety of sizes.
4. Hang em up!

Like most good bloggers, I have all kinds of plans to renovate my entire house. . . eventually. But while we wait for a full-blown kitchen renovation, we have taken some steps to make things better. We painted our cabinets last summer, and we traded in the dark orange (agggh!) walls for a pretty grey. 

What we still have is an awkward space, one step down from the kitchen, with a wall straight ahead, the basement stairway to the right, and the garage door to the left. It was a spot in need of some love, and these pictures were the perfect pieces for the job!   
I love how the blues, reds and greys ties in perfectly with our kitchen color scheme (although all you can see of it from this picture is the valence on door to the garage.) 
So easy. So fun. Definitely a project worth (finally) finishing! 
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