Organizing a Schedule and Routine for your Baby

My daughter, Emma, recently turned 7 months old. Now that my husband and I are both off for the summer (we're both teachers- lucky us!) we decided to reevaluate Emma's daily schedule. She has also been having some trouble sleeping, so we thought we'd revisit her daily routines as well, and really think through our plans for naps and bedtime.  

To do this, I pulled up my Baby Tracker and Record Notebook package, and found the schedule and routine planner pages. In case you missed it, you can click HERE to check out that blog post. Or click on the picture below to download the entire package for FREE! 

I modified the schedule and routine documents slightly, and did a little bit of color coding to help myself stay ultra-organized. Here is what my schedule planner ended up looking like: 

For the routine planner, I made detailed lists of exactly what we would do before every nap and before bedtime. I also brainstormed some playtime and outing ideas. Here is how my routine planner turned out:  
Feel free to click on each image to download a copy to use yourself. I'll have to keep you posted on how the new schedule works out, but at least I have a plan! Happy organizing! 

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