What I Keep in my Organized Diaper Caddy

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A diaper caddy: You know, the storage container you set on top (or within easy reach of) your changing table, where you can store changing essentials. An organized diaper caddy is a must for your nursery changing table. You need some kind of system to keep everything you might need mid-change at your fingertips. I've found that the key to making this a useful, organized space is to regularly update the things you store here to meet your baby's current needs. I only keep items here that I will use on a regular basis.  

When I was creating my baby registry, a friend actually suggested that I add this item, and I'm so glad that I followed her advice! A different friend gave me THIS diaper caddy at one of my baby showers (It's Munchkin Sarabear Portable Diaper Caddy, White Waffle) but there are many different types you can choose from.  

Here are the things I currently store in my diaper caddy:  

 Shockingly, NO DIAPERS! That's because I use cloth diapers, and they take up more room than disposables. All my cloth diapers and inserts (along with disposable wipes) are kept in the top two drawers of the dresser that I use as a changing table.

Here's a closer look at some of these changing table essentials: 

1. Cloth wipes (I love Charlie Banana's reusable wipes- Find them here.

2. Cloth diaper-friendly diaper cream (I use Grandma El's- so far I'm still undecided about the effectiveness.) 

3. Teething tablets (These have been recalled!)

4. Gas drops (Any brand will do.)

5. Baby lotion

6. Baby lotion for eczema (Our doctor recommended this brand for us when Emma developed eczema on her head.) 

7. Hand sanitizer (So I don't have to wash my hands after every single diaper change.) 

8. Vaseline (I use this when I take Emma's temperature.) 

9. Spray bottle (Filled with water, a drop of baby wash, and 1/2 a capful of baby oil) I use this with the cloth wipes. 

10. Anti-fungal powder (For a rash on Emma's neck) 

11. Regular baby powder

12. Hydrocortisone cream (Again, for the neck rash)  

13. Hair brush and comb

14. A toy (This is a MUST for our busy little bee who doesn't like to lie still!) 

15. Thermometer 

16. Nail clippers 

 Really, the key is to think about what you'll need to use for your baby on a daily basis. This is what works for us.

 Oh, and here's the busy little reason that blog posts take me so much more time than they used to. ;)

 Happy organizing!
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