Pantry organization: 7 people who are absolutely killing it!

Pantry organization ideas: 7 pantry remodels from people who are killing it! Ideas and tips for organizing your own pantry.
People who visit our house sometimes ask us, "Are you preparing for some kind of nuclear war?"

They are referring to the large amount of food we keep stockpiled in our pantry.

Of course, we're not preparing for a blizzard or anything like that (although we would be very prepared if one were to hit...) We're just incredibly frugal. So if something we like is on sale, and we have coupons for it, and it's not going to expire for years to come. . . then we buy a lot of it!

All this to say, we have been sorely in need of an organized, super-functional pantry ever since we bought our house.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that we're in the process of renovating our current laundry room/pantry, but we still have a ways to go. So in the meantime, I thought I'd inspire you (and myself!) by rounding up some of the most gorgeously organized pantries that the Internet has to offer. Here are my favorites!


I love the bright, crisp colors and the uniform, labeled storage containers in this gorgeous pantry. You have to check out Mallory's before and after pictures- what a transformation! If you love this pantry, she also provides information about where you can buy all the containers pictured here.


I think it's really interesting how each shelf is broken into smaller sections. It keeps everything looking nice and neat, like each shelf was created for the exact items it's holding. And those pull-out produce baskets are gorgeous! Love them.


I just had to include this pantry because... barn doors! What a great way to make a boring pantry go from blah to beautiful.

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Pantry organization ideas: 7 pantry remodels from people who are killing it! Get ideas and tips for organizing your own pantry.
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I really like how this pantry includes a variety of storage options, including shelves, wire pull-out drawers, counter space for small appliances, and closed drawers. There's even room underneath for a row of baskets. There is truly no wasted space in this room. If you love this space, Kevin and Amanda walk you through the entire installation process from start to finish on their site.


This small pantry is so organized that it's incredibly functional. I especially love the pull-out drawers and the divided shelves created especially for baking pans. On her site, Nina also includes a great list of 10 tips for you to consider when organizing your own pantry.


This is a luxury pantry if ever there was one! It even has a coffee station and some leftover open counter space. Melissa has perfected every detail in this space. I love the variety of storage options, from cabinets and drawers to open shelving, can storage, and labeled storage containers.


Shelley provides a hilarious narrative about her journey to transform this small pantry into something beautiful and functional. She really went above and beyond in order to find the perfect containers to hold and organize each type of food or supply, and she provides tons of pointers for anyone who is looking to get their storage space under control as well.  

Well, that's it! What do you think? I know I'm feeling inspired by these ultra-organized pantries, and I can't wait to start working on my own. Did any of these ideas stand out to you? Let me know what you think in the comments. :)

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